Ban Open Door Air Conditioning -
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Killer Heat
Air Pollution
Sick from Thermal Shock
Irresponsible Energy Use
Greenhouse Gases
Sick from Cold
Worse to Come
Ban it!
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Without a ban, more retailers will come under pressure to use the same tactic to compete for pedestrian traffic. A ban is needed in order to create and maintain an even playing field for all retailers.

Other Similar Laws

To place into context, laws prohibiting irresponsible use of scarce public resources are not uncommon.

The city of Los Angeles in the Unites States prohibits watering the lawn between 9am and 4pm and using a hose with no automatic shut-off nozzle to wash one's car details here. Violators are fined $100 US and $200 for businesses. Repeat offenders are fined $300 and $600 respectively.

In June 2010 in Taiwan, the Taipei municipal government passed a law prohibiting businesses from setting their air conditioners below 26C. Violators could be fined up to HK$12,400 (1,593.40 USD).

Hong Kong itself has a law prohibiting idling bus engines while waiting for passengers, as mentioned earlier.

Ban it!

The time to ban open door air-conditioning in Hong Kong is long past due. It must also be banned where ever the practice emerges, such as Hawaii.

Join me in calling for a ban of open-door air conditioning. Click on the Like button below.