Ban Open Door Air Conditioning -
Stop Super-Chilling our Indoors, Making us Sick

Killer Heat
Air Pollution
Sick from Thermal Shock
Irresponsible Energy Use
Greenhouse Gases
Sick from Cold
Worse to Come
Ban it!
In order to replenish the air that's escaped outside, the air conditioners must pump in larger volumes of cold air, typically at around 12.7C (55F) details here. It is very difficult to avoid this chilling draft as the volume and speed are so great and the outlets seem to be everywhere.

Competing jewelers in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.
In both cases, air conditioning with no doors.

Closer view of first jewelry store in previous photo, showing employees in long sleeve jackets. A typical scene in Hong Kong shopping districts.

Closer view of second jewelry store in initial photo, showing employee in long sleeve sweater.

Another closer view of second jewelry store in initial photo.

Indeed, employees usually wear long sleeved suits or sweaters and most people carry around a sweater and even scarf. One quarter of Hong Kong shoppers complain the air conditioning is too cold, according to this survey by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Although germs make us sick, studies show that being cold makes us more susceptible to their attack. A 2005 study in Cardiff, Wales shows that being cold really can make you sick. The leading researcher in the study, Professor Eccles of the university's Common Cold Center, explains: Many of us have dormant cold infection to begin with. But being chilled constricts the blood vessels in the nose and cuts off the supply of blood that carries the white blood cells that fight infection. "The reduced defences in the nose allow the virus to get stronger and common cold symptoms develop".

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