Ban Open Door Air Conditioning -
Make your Green Sacrifices Count

Killer Heat
Air Pollution
Sick from Thermal Shock
Irresponsible Energy Use
Greenhouse Gases
Sick from Cold
Worse to Come
Ban it!
Today, we all sacrifice to help preserve our planet. We pay taxes that subsidize the research, development, implementation and consumer purchase of green technologies, such as electric hybrid vehicles, solar panels, etc. We also spend our money out of pocket to implement green solutions in our own lives, such as by switching to more efficient but expensive flourescent bulbs (CFLs). It is therefore a huge set back (not to mention frustrating and downright offensive) when many large commercial entities undermine our efforts by wasting vast amounts of energy.

For example, I estimate in a conservative calculation, that a set of open double doors, wastes the same amount of energy that is saved by 72 homes using energy efficient CFLs. See details here. That's a lot of well-intentioned home owners trying to do their small part to help our planetů their efforts nullified by just one wasteful retail store.

How many electric vehicles, solar panels, etc. will the tax payers of the world have to subsidize to make up for the damage inflicted on our planet by this unnecessary practice?

Imagine the setback when every second store is doing this in an entire shopping area of roughly 5 city blocks. This situation should be acceptable to no one.

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