Ban Open Door Air Conditioning -
Refuse Needless Energy Dangers

Killer Heat
Air Pollution
Sick from Thermal Shock
Irresponsible Energy Use
Greenhouse Gases
Sick from Cold
Worse to Come
Ban it!
If there is one thing that the Fukushima nuclear reactor incident reminds us, it is that energy has a cost beyond the dollars per kilowatt hour that we pay the utility company. There is a cost and a risk to the global community to source, create and deliver that energy, no matter what the form.

Think of the coal mining accidents that kill miners. Think of the oil spills that destroy our marine environment and harm livelihoods. And of course, there is the nuclear incident that sent radioactive particles around the planet and will make many sick.

In another example, one anti-nuclear campaigner believes responsible energy use in Hong Kong can render the controversial Daya nuclear station in nearby southern China unnecessary details here.

Therefore, we all have a moral duty to ensure that we use energy responsibly. Reckless energy use is simply unconscionable.

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