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Denounce Open Door Air Conditioning

Trend in Hawaii

Besides Hong Kong, the other examples I know of are all in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in in Waikiki, Hawaii. The first shops I noticed were in the new part of the shopping plaza across from the Sheraton Hotel that opened around 2 years ago. They were small shops and not really expelling that much cold air. But this past winter on my vacation, I noticed a new larger shop had opened in the same shopping center and is releasing large amounts of cold air. The multi-level apparel store Forever 21 opens its double doors to pedestrian-rich Kalakaua avenue.

Now please note, I have been all over Honolulu and Oahu in the past 5 years and the shops I describe above are the only ones I have seen doing this. Is it a coincidence that all the offenders are in the same location who must compete for the same shoppers? Is it a coindicence that it is getting worse with time? If it is a trend and retailers see cooling the sidewalk as an effective marketing tool in order to get an edge on the competitor, then we can expect a lot worse to come in the future.